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VEGANBOTTLE is the result of patented technologies in the field of the transformation of organic or mineral co-products, combinations of plants.

What is this vegetable bottle?

VEGANBOTTLE  is a range of packaging (bottles, jars, pillboxes, flasks, caps) made from residues of various co-products from the plant or mineral world.

We use flax, hemp, reed, bagasse, shells, reeds, seeds, kernels, wood fibers .... which we recycle to make our materials.

These materials from nature are transformed into bioplastic material to make containers that will be blown or injected in the same way as traditional plastics processing.

The end of life, the "organic recycling" of this bioplastic differs. In our workshop, the decommissioned bottles are crushed to become raw material again, "a recycled vegetable bioplastic", unique in the world.

These biobased plastics have been around for more than 20 years, but the first ones were made from corn (cob), intended for food.

Developing an ecological product must take the resource into account.

Agricultural land is intended to feed living beings and not to produce biomaterials.

This is why Nicolas Moufflet, president of LYSPACKAGING sought renewable resources and bio-waste to develop his innovation and register his VEGANBOTTLE brand in a new circular economy "from earth to earth".

All our containers are  biodegradable and industrially compostable.

This innovation was designed and developed to provide solutions to serious environmental problems related to:

- To the pollution of petrochemical plastics (oxo-fragmentable plastic, microplastics)

- Ensuring the post-oil era

- The bankruptcy of recycling ( Plastic  is not infinitely recyclable, waste sent to Asia, a poor material that cannot be sold, an exorbitant cost for communities, water, landfill, etc.)

Disposable plastic pollution  

This pollution produced on land ends up at sea, generating plastic gyres, called the 7th continent, and microparticles found in all living beings.

We ingest 5g of plastic per week.

Plastic production is 359 million tons per year.

Not all plastics are recyclable and none are infinitely so.

After 2-3 loops, they will end up buried or incinerated.

The cost of sorting this waste and the pollution weighs heavily on local communities.

Thanks to its characteristics VEGANBOTTLE  is a new generation of optimized bottles that reduces CO2 emissions and therefore the impact on the environment with significant advantages throughout the production-consumption-disposal cycle.

A VEGANBOTTLE bottle generates at least 50% less CO2 throughout its life cycle compared to petrochemical plastic.

- Food certified (global and specific migration)

This plant-based container will compost industrially to give certified compost without toxic residue.

- Standard EN 13 432 

- Standard NFU 44-051

- Do not give up in nature

Eco-digester 70% bio-waste - 30% vegetable bottles - 2 mixings ---> quality compost



In order to go further in the recovery of bio-waste, renewable resources, and to distinguish ourselves from petrochemical plastic, we incorporate co-products: flax, hemp, shell, reed, stones.

An appearance consistent with the content.

Ex: olive pits for a bottle of olive oil

It is obviously possible to include our packaging in the landfill or incineration sector, which represents more than 70% of cases in France.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Composting organic waste

The French territory is organized for the treatment of bio-waste according to the directives of the energy transition law for green growth.

Here you will find the map of French bio-waste management structures.

Certified suitable for food contact and we have the necessary migration tests as mandatory documentation for our customers.

écodigesteur 2.JPG

There are several solutions to promote veganbottle.
- Industrial composting
- Methanization
- Digester

Here you will find a test carried out in partnership with CITEO and the alchemists who support us.

The VEGANBOTTLE plant range

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Taking into account the study of the carbon footprint of a VeganBottle bottle from its production until its end of life, and in order to neutralize its carbon footprint, LYSPACKAGING participates in a reforestation program in Haiti with  Reforest'Action and its local partner Agrinotech, a Haitian association specializing in the deployment of agricultural techniques conducive to the virtuous management of natural resources and the socio-economic development of populations.

2500 Veganbottles produced = 130kg/co2
1 tree planted consumes between 35 and 150 kg/co2 per year

LYSPACKAGING Planet Grand Prix - Solution for Islands by Tech4Islands 2021

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