VEGANBOTTLE® is non-toxic at end of life because it contains no oil, and it combats the pollution of plastic bottles .




45% of petroleum-based plastic bottles (PET HDPE PP PE ) are not recycled in France, ie around 200 000 tons per year


These bottles are only recycled on average 2 or 3 times not indefinitely! ... It is therefore necessary to consider an extremely low valuation and end of life finally in the nature.


More than numbers, pictures!! (Don’t take our word for it a picture is worth a thousand words…)

(link to the 7th continent of plastic)

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veganbottle bouteille vegetale compostable biodegradable

VEGANBOTTLE® sustainable innovation


bottle + capsule + label,

all fully with raw materials compostable

* example of customer’s bottle

veganbottle bouteille vegetale compostable biodegradable

VEGANBOTTLE® is the result of patented technologies in the field of processing sugar extraction from sugar cane and plant combinations.


VEGANBOTTLE® is a new formulation with mechanical properties and barriers superior to all plant-based formulations.


Biodegradable and compostable, produced by LYSPACKAGING, this bioplastic has been designed and developed to provide solutions to serious environmental problems related to the pollution of petrochemical plastics.


Bioplastics are materials with properties similar to those of traditional plastics, while being of plant origin, biodegradable and, in some cases, compostable.

The advantages of sugar cane


A material 100% vegetable > A crop that does not require tons of water and does not intrude on farmland > A simple manufacturing process with an excellent environmental result.



Thanks to its features, VEGANBOTTLE®, is the latest generation of optimized bottles that reduces the impact on the environment with significant benefits throughout the production-consumption-disposal cycle.


VEGANBOTTLE® made with raw materials biodegradable and compostable according to EN13432.


VEGANBOTTLE® should not be composted at home nor disposed of in any way in nature for optimize end of life.


VEGANBOTTLE® is certified in food contact and we have the necessary migration tests which is a mandatory documentation for our customers.

END OF LIFE veganbottle.


- Méthanisation

- BIO digestor

with bio waste

You can fnd here video  testing with bio waste in industrial compost.

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